Second Dealth at Butibam Village Cause Violence in Lae City

The killing of a second man on Saturday night has heightened tensions between Betibum villagers and settlers in surrounding areas in Lae city.  


The man was killed inthe early hours of Saturday morning when he accompanlied relatives driving a vehicle into Besulum Compound.

This death comes just days after Bembu settlers stabbed a Betibam youth last week.


The victim was killed on Saturday night atthe Besulum compound, he accompanlied family members tothe area when he got killed, andthe motive ofthe attack isn’t known.


“His nose was bleeding when I saw him, I checked his pulse and I felt no pulse, so we rushed him tothe hospital,” said Nephew Willie Wayne.

Betibum Villagers burnt down a store that belongs to busulum settlers.


They also blockedthe butibum road that connects Kamkumung to Malahang.


His relatives retaliated by attacking a suspect before handing him tothe police, andthey had also blockedthe butibum road.


Betibum Villagers called onthe Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru and Lae MP, Loujaya Toni to evictthe settlers.


The Lae MP and Morobe Governor both responded tothe people’s concerns,they both said thatthe only option is to evict settlers who caused law and order problems.


They would also holdthe land landowners who soldtheir land accountable for the settlers’ actions.


Governor Naru revealed tothe people that a new policy is being created to regulate settlements in Lae City.

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