Prime Minister Introduces Restoration Bill to Special Parliamentary Sitting

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, introduced the restoration bill to the special parliamentary sitting yesterday which was passed on the voices of the majority.

PM O’Neill said the cries of the people have been heard and the restoration committee will be set up for 4 years due to the special case of the natural disaster affecting 4 provinces.

The Public gallery was full to witness the passing of the Restoration Bill that will allow the setup of a restoration committee for the next 4 years and was unanimously passed at 4:30pm yesterday afternoon.

The Prime Minister in his address to parliament on the earthquake said it was the worst earthquake hit in the Highlands region in the last 100 years.

He said more than 116 people are confirmed dead and thanked all countries and development partners involved in the relief effort.

The Prime Minister went on to give an update on restoration of infrastructure and roads.

In terms of financing of the restoration Committee, the PM has thanked Australia for the long term funding and also stated that the Government will be receiving the US 3million loan from ADB.

The Prime Minister also thanked citizens who have dug deep into their pockets and deposited to the relief account.

Parliament has been adjourned to the 10th of April.

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