News Bytes for 11th July, 2014



The Supreme Court today discontinued the matter involving Attorney General Ano Pala after noting his retraction, through a paid statement, in the Post Courier yesterday.


However, the court issued’Orders for Mr Pala to provide a statement with the chronology of events of the Paraka saga along with the court proceedings until the Supreme Court decision on the 4th of July, which allowed the state to appeal against an’Order made by the National Court on 2nd March 2007 to pay K6.4 million to Paul Paraka lawyers.


The other’Order was for all parties involved in the various proceedings related to the Paraka payMen’s to refrain from using the media to make stateMen’s related to the matter.






Mobile phone distributing company Bemobile is providing cheaper call rates to dilute the mobile phone market.


 Bemobiles sales and marketing departMen’s are doing aggressive marketing to sell call rates that are fifty percent less than those of other competitors.


The company has started by advertising SMS text competitions for State of Origin.

 Marketing Manager Deepak Khanna says the rates are the cheapest in the market.

"We also have 3G networks throughout major centres," he says.


Last week the company gave away a free home cinema to a winner of the text competition.



“FREE WATER” – Jack Lapauve Jnr.


After suffering for more than ten years using a single-piped water source, a community at the 6 Mile area of Port Moresby is now accessing a clean water supply system.


Thanks to service provider Eda Ranu, who dug and laid three hundred metres of pipeline and installed taps between houses at the Bodiam Settlement.


Community leaders say the new water supply will dramatically improve their way of living and end their suffering for better clean water. The water supply is free of charge and was installed under the discretion of Eda Ranu’s Chief Executive Officer, Henry Mokono.


Bodiam leaders are now calling local MP Labi Amaiu to expand the water system to other communities in the area.



“ABOLISH NCOBA” – Fabian Hakalits


The Autonomous Bougainville Government has called on the National Government to abolish the National Coordination Office of Bougainville Affairs.


Bougainville President, Chief Doctor John Momis, in a statement, said the abolishment will allow for the creation of a new entity that will have greater influence and better coordinate Bougainville’s state of affairs.


The new entity will also act as a go-between for the two governMen’s. Chief Momis said the current state in which NCOBA operates has come into question, as it is ineffective and inefficient.



“ABG IS LEGAL” – Fabian Hakalits


Bougainville President, Chief Dr John Momis, says the joint journey of the National and Autonomous Bougainville Government is the realization of the cherished objectives of the Bougainville Peace Agreement.


Chief Momis said the Bougainville Peace Agreement gives direction and focus to mission, aim and purpose in Bougainville and cannot be changed. The President stressed that the Bougainville government is a constitutionally-established, highly autonomous government.





A prominent landowner from the oil-rich LNG project area in Kutubu, Southern Highlands province, is now under police investigation for alleged misappropriation of project funds.


Landowner leader Alex Narobe has laid a formal complaint with the fraud squad to investigate the missing millions of kina intended for infrastructure development in the area.

The funds paid are believed to be from the Kutubu PDL 2 IDG Trust Account and project funds.   



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