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Amnesty International: PNG women at Risk

by Jack Lapauve Jr, EMTV – Port Moresby

Amnesty International wants the PNG Government to urgently put protection measures against vulnerable women accused of sorcery.

The NGO group said more women will be at risk if nothing is done to perpetrators who accuse women of sorcery.

This comes as a number of killings happen in parts of Enga, Simbu and Western Highlands provinces.

In a media statement released by Amnesty International, women accused of practicing sorcery are likely to be targeted by communities through cruel punishment like burning, hanging or hacking.

PNG continues to be a country where Sorcery related death is increasing while the government is slow in putting tough penalties on people practicing sorcery and those involved in accusing people of sorcery.

Amnesty wants the government to act now to see justice prevail.

Amnesty International also want Police to be at the forefront to conduct awareness and lead investigations in communities where sorcery is becoming an everyday issue. However, there are issues faced by police when investigating sorcery related deaths.

Earlier this week Opposition leader, Don Polye, called on the government to review the 1971 Sorcery Act and impose harsher penalties. 

The fact remains that 70% of PNG societies believe in sorcery, the context of attacking women practicing sorcery is becoming common and creating a systematic violence against women. 


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