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Powi Condemns Recent Allegations of Misappropriation Raised Against Him

Sitting Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi, has strongly condemned recent allegations by a rival candidate for misappropriation of funds.

Governor Powi said the funds involved were made available using a proper tendering process.

Powi also announced plans to take the matter to court.

Governor Powi said those involved in accusing him have been contesting for the Regional Seat which he has held for two terms.

He strongly condemned the allegations, branding it ‘a cheap political attack’.

EMTV News ran a story on the allegations yesterday, highlighting the fact that they had been raised before, but was labelled by Governor Powi as being biased.

Powi said media outlets that have run stories on these allegations, will be issued a lawsuit.

Powi’s statement follows allegations of misusing K17.4 million of public funds to three contractors between 2014 & 2015.

EMTV News has confirmed the registration of the companies with IPA, including reports submitted to Police.

However, Powi said proper processes were followed to release the funds with ground work progressing slowly.

Summarising his statement, the sitting Southern Highlands Governor challenged his rival, Joe Kopol, not to use the media, but have proper campaign strategies to contest the coming Election.

Despite this turn of events on the eve of the 2017 National Election, Governor Powi is confident of retaining his seat.

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