Power Station for East Sepik

Minister for State Enterprise Ben Micah has announced plans to establish a power station inthe Yangoru-Saussia District of East Sepik Province.


He madethe announcement when commissioning power supply tothe Sossaya Station inthe District.

Minister Micah accompanlied local Member and fellow Minister Richard Maru for the launching.


It was a rare occasion for the people of Sassoya inthe Numbo LLG of Yangoru-Saussia, whenthe both Ministersarrived.


Saint Patricks Primary School wasthe location for the commissioning of Power for Sassoya Station.


Electricity has been a much sought after service sincethe station containsthe school and a health centre, both established bythe Catholic mission.


Minister Maru has already planned to futher extendthe power supply throughoutthe district.


He has already planned to futher extendthe power supply throughoutthe district.


Minister Maru’said withthe coming oil palm project andthe chances of a gold mine, at least 150 megawatts of power was needed for the district.


“East Sepik simply doesn’t have power. We are going to grow very fast inthe next few years, and if mining is to occur in East-West Yangoru, we will have serious problems inthe next three years,” Minister Maru toldthe people.


Minister Micah surprised Maru by announcing a much bigger deal.


“A big Hydro Power Project will be built inthe East Sepik Province by a private company. The government has made available K60 million to increase and build a bigger wharf also,” Minister Micah toldthe people.

Minister Micah said he believesthe district will be transformed under Maru’s lLeadersip. He threw his support behind Maru’s aspirations.


He urgedthe people to dothe same.

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