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PNG’s Traditional Marriage, a Lasting Experience for West Papuan Family

By Staycey Yalo – EMTV News, Port Moresby

It was a Papua New Guinea experience for a West Papuan Family, who handed their daughter to her groom from a mix parentage of Eastern Highlands, Simbu, and Central Provinces. Although it was a small family gathering, the groom’s family made sure their culture was shown to the woman from the other side of the border.

Hendricka Sarwom was truly given an Eastern Highlands and Simbu welcome as she was welcomed by her new family. The Sarwom’s from West Papua, have been living in Papua New Guinea for a number of years, experienced first-hand the Simbu and Eastern Highlands way of bride price.

Zomay Ari, the groom from Eastern Highlands, Simbu and Mekeo parentage, made it official with Hendricka at their family home on Saturday (May 26). His Mekeo family, from a chieftain warrior clan was also present during the occasion and reminded the new couple of their traditional responsibilities as well. The occasion was important for the groom’s mother, Maryanne Ari, as it was her idea for her first son to marry the traditional way.

“I come from a Catholic background and we believe in marrying in a cultural way first before the church ceremony. That way the couple is binded and they can live a happy life,” said Maryanne.

For the West Papuan Family, seeing the different cultures displayed was an experience they would never forget.

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