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May 9, 2021
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PNG AIC Launches Investigation into PX 207

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The PNG Accident Investigation Commission has launched a serious incidents investigation into flight PX -207.

On November 21st 3:21 pm local time, Air Niugini Fokker 70 aircraft, carrying 41 passengers and four crew members from Tokua Airport at Kokopo, East New Britain to the Jackson’s Airport, Port Moresby, experienced a rapid decompression/depressurization.

PNG AIC Chief Commissioner, Hubert Namani said no damages or injuries were reported and Investigations will continue.

“No damage, nor injuries were reported in this occurrence and the Air Niugini flight landed in Jackson’s Airport as intended,” Numani said.

In the Preliminary report, the flight crew stated, they initially noticed an MFDS3 cabin altitude message and Master Caution alert 4 as they were passing 24,000 ft.

At about 23,000 ft, the ‘Excessive Cabin Altitude’ warning activated along with the Master Warning alert. The flight crew carried out the ‘Excessive Cabin Altitude’ emergency checklist, broadcast a ‘PAN, PAN’ and commenced an emergency descent to 10,000 ft.

At the onset of the emergency, the flight crew donned their oxygen masks and manually deployed the passenger oxygen masks. At about 10,000 ft, the flight crew reverted to the normal descent and continued to land at Jackson’s Airport.

A rapid Decompression or depressurization means the cabin had lost pressurized oxygen that was pressurized into the cabin to allow passenger to breath at higher altitudes.

Air Niugini responded to EM TV News today, stating that its pilots identified an issue with the cabin altitude and immediately followed the procedure required. That included the deployment of passenger oxygen masks as a precaution while they descended the aeroplane to a safe altitude.

This additional layer of safety ensured the comfort of our passengers and crew at all times. The pilot’s quick response shows the stringent training that all Air Niugini pilots receive.

Air Niugini also stated that it is extending its full cooperation to the Accident Investigation Commission of PNG – to ensure that if any issues are identified, they are addressed immediately.


By Adelaide Sirox Kari – EM TV News, Port Moresby

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