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PM O’Neill Calls for Alert on East Sepik Volcano Eruptions

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has made the call for the swift and effective response of responsible Government arms to respond to the relief efforts for islands on Kadovar and Biem Islands.

He said in a statement this afternoon to media that the risks for chain effects of the chain volcanoes eruption could spell disaster.

O’Neill advised Media outlets to be vigilant to report and take swift action for the safety of the affected communities and those that could be affected.

“I have authorised the additional deployment of personnel and assets to assist in the transfer
of any people who are in the broader vicinity of the volcano.

“National Government resources are being fully engaged, and are working together with the
support of provincial officers, to ensure our people are looked after while there is a risk of

In the statement, he said there could be dangers of rising waters, and landslides.

“I call on all media outlets, particularly radio stations, to carry tsunami warnings and help people to be ready in the event of a landslide causing a tsunami.

“Tsunami poses a serious threat and all coastal areas in the north of our country must be on alert.”

He said that the country is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

“We know the damage that can be reaped by a volcano, and only have to look back to Rabaul
in 1994,” O’Neill said.

He said all relevant as of this notice should be on high alert.

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