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PM MARAPE Saddened at passing of Hon. Roy Biyama

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape has passed on his condolences to the family, friends, supporters and people of Middle Fly and Western Province on the passing of Middle Fly MP Hon. Roy Biyama.

Hon.Biyama, aged 54 and a member of PM Marape’s ruling Pangu Pati, passed away this morning. He has been an MP since 2002 representing Middle Fly.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, supporters and people of Middle Fly and Western Province on this sad moment of the passing of Hon. Biyama,” PM Marape said.

“They have lost a servant leader, a true man of the people, who has served them faithfully since 2002. Hon. Biyama died doing what he loved and that was serving his people.

 “He first succumbed to illness after he had scorching blisters from an eight-hour walk in hot, tropical, low lands in his beloved Middle Fly area when he visited last March .

“Hon. Biyama walked on, working for his people where there was no road much like many rural areas, and the blisters from his long walk, with an existing diabetic condition, led to illness and his eventual passing.

“I am saddened at the loss of a good brother and friend.”

PM Marape said Hon. Biyama joined Pangu in December 2019, after formation of the new Government, and had stood by him since.

“In March 2020, I was privileged to have been invited by Hon. Biyama to officiate at the famous Gogodala Canoe Festival in Balimo,” he said.

“I saw for myself the enormous tourism potential of the area, as well as others, and made funding available to enable upgrade of Balimo Airstrip. I spent a night in Balimo with the people there, thanks to Hon. Biyama.”

PM Marape said Hon. Biyama’s loyalty to him as Prime Minister continued during last November’s political stand-off.

“Hon. Biyama stood by my side, with undivided loyalty, during that period of political uncertainty. He was one of the original ‘Loloata 52’ who was with me from the beginning to the end and for this I am forever indebted and grateful,”he said.

PM Marape said Hon. Biyama showed his dedication to his people of Middle Fly when he attended the Porgera Stakeholders’ Consultative Meeting in Wabag in July.

“The people of Middle Fly are affected by wastes from the Porgera Mine, which flow down the Porgera and Strickland river systems, on to Lake Murray and Fly River,” he said.

“Hon. Biyama, as well as other Western leaders, attended the meeting to express concern for their people. This is a hallmark of his leadership where, despite his health status, he still worked on matters concerning his people.

“I, on behalf of my family and the people of Papua New Guinea, thank God for the life of Hon.Biyama.

“May he rest in eternal peace.”

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