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Pangu: We need to know Country’s Financial State Before Policies

After being questioned at a recent forum hosted by a think tank, Pangu Pati has clarified main areas of their policies.

A month away from the elections, the Pangu Pati is not in a rush to spell out their policy plans, if they form government.

Pangu’s Policy Advisor, Dulcianna Somare-Brash, only pointed out that priority areas are infrastructure that will help bring in money for the economy.

“In our structural reform agenda, we’d really like to look at assessing what economic and social outcomes are first, so we front load where we are going to get the best impact,” says Somare-Brash.

Main economical corridors, which bring coffee, cocoa and other commodities, will be at the top of the list.

Pangu’s Parliamentary Leader, Sam Basil, still stands by his word.

They will invest into cocoa and coffee, but this time, he didn’t say how much money they would be willing to spend.

Instead, he told EMTV News their policies are still on the drawing board. They need to understand where the country currently is financially.

“No body is telling us the truth were our debt levels are at, because in order to formulate policies now and deliver them when we get into power, we have to know where our financial position is at,” says Basil.

But, while that’s Pangu’s concern, just yesterday in parliament, the Prime Minister said not to panic over debt levels.

“We are one of the lowest in-terms of our debt levels compared to many of our friends in the region, so Mr. Speaker there is no need to panic, we need to continue to borrow money to build roads, build infrastructure, build schools, build hospitals,” says Prime Minister, O’Neill.

Pangu Pati was heavily criticized after a National Research Institute public forum for saying they’d spend K1 billion to develop the coffee industry into a ministry.

The Party Leader has clarified that the executive who spoke at the event, did not have the authority of the party to do so.

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