Paga Hill Relocations

After living in a world war two bunker for over three decades, scores of bunker dwellers have been relocated to 6 Mile in the Nation’s Capital.

This comes after a developer won the title of Paga Hill last week.


It was a teary goodbye for one self-proclaimed bunker guardian who has called Paga Hill home for 19 years.


The Paga Hill Development Company has won the title for the National Housing Commission section of Paga Hill.


Not a minute too soon, clearing work has already begun for a large area of the hill.

Apart from the run down NHC houses built back in the 1960’s, what comes to mind now are the numerous World War II bunkers built by the Japanese.


It is in one of these where we find a man from Kerowagi in the Chimbu province. At 55 years of age, Peter Siwi says he arrived here after a dream he had. He believes he was chosen to be a guardian of the bunker.


This particular bunker has been close to his heart and he says that at times he feels the presence of soldiers who once dwelled here.


He says he is sad to leave his home of 19 years, but has accepted that he must leave. His wife and child have already left for six mile.


He showed us numerous pictures and articles about the bunker.


It has taken the developer over 19 years to finally start any form of work on Paga Hill. At this stage, it hasn’t occupied the whole of its desired land space. A court order is still pending on the lower end of the hill.


But this is a unique story due to the fact that it is the first for a developer to actually relocate an entire community to new found land. In this case: 6 Mile.


All of this effort is a work in progress and surveyors have been brought in by the Paga Hill development company; once the surveying is done, land will be allocated.

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