2019-2023 Operational Housing Policy Launched

The 2019-2023 Operational Housing Policy was launched last week by the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive council, aimed at addressing affordable housing for public servants.

The Housing Policy is to ensure that public servants when retiring will have affordable houses to acquire.

The Prime Minister speaking at the Department of Prime Minister and NEC’s closing function acknowledged the launching of the Operational Housing policy.

“I want you to work hard for the housing policy you’re about to have,” he said.

“Our government is not about free handouts to citizens; citizens must work hard and earn their living. We will provide facilities and avenues available for our citizens to enjoy the sweat they all contribute.”

Has part of the Prime Minister’s message, he expressed his concerns saying that in order to take back PNG, they would have to fight against Complacency and corruption.

“This country is held ransom to complacency and corruption. No one is a saint. If they haven’t been complacent, their corrupted. If they haven’t been corrupted, their complacent”.

“When we talk about taking back PNG, we talk about taking back the mindset of people, and putting It into the right place”, he said.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged different accomplishments of the Department such as the September 16 celebrations, the supplementary budget, and the 2020 budget.


By Benjamin Manimbi – EMTV News Cadet Journalist


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