Ombudsman Commission warns media on unlawful reports

by Jack Lapauve Jr – EM TV, Port Moresby

The Ombudsman Commission (OC) of Papua New Guinea today issued a stern warning to the media not to report on matters concerning the Commission that are before the courts.

The warning follows an article on page four of the Post Courier newspaper, published today. The Ombudsman says the report by the Post Courier is contemptuous and unlawful in its’ premature comments.

The OC says the report is calculated and interferes with the work of the Ombudsman Commission. The OC says the Post Courier and its source have seen fit to supersede the court’s jurisdiction and conduct a media trial.

Members of the Commission caution that if any media house continues to report on matters that are before the court, legal proceedings will be taken against them.

The Ombudsman Commission’s comments refer to the Post Courier’s article alleging that the recent referrals by the Commission are unconstitutional, given that there are two Ombudsman members whereas there should be three.

The Ombudsman office stated that the court is the right forum to address these issues; hence the media should refrain from reporting on them.

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