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Olsem Wanem – Safe Shelter Workshop in Torokina, Bougainville | EP10 S6, 2017

In this episode:

We discuss the importance of safe shelters to withstand natural disasters in PNG.

We take you to Torokina in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville where the International Organization for Migration/IOM has been spearheading a workshop for the local communities on safe shelter.

There are three things that are essential to human survival; food, shelter, and clothing.

In Papua New Guinea, the connection to the land is paramount – and the shelter is regarded as an extension of the land.

You will notice that shelter designs are unique to communities – they have been so, for many generations.

But times are changing, and the types of shelters being built at the community level are now slowly adapting modern elements – but how safe are they? Are they safe enough to withstand disasters, whether natural or man-made?

Given that Papua New Guinea is prone to many natural disasters, the need for safe shelters has become a necessity, especially in recent years.

WE ALSO DISCUSS how IOM is partnering with the Autonomous Bougainville Government in disaster risk reduction, through safe shelters.

During the workshop on Safe Shelters, Olsem Wanem took time to speak with Naomi Saovo. Aged in her late 60’s, she is one of the very few survivors from the last known eruption of Mount Bagana.

She speaks about how she continues to live in the shadows of Bougainville’s active volcano.

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