Olsem Wanem – Episode 33, 2014

In this episode:

In a country characterized by development inequalities, social isolation, economic marginalization, raging conflicts for resources and political power: to name a few, NGO’s emerge as relieving forces providing essential services and being the voice to the voiceless.

NGO’s had and continue to contribute in many ways to the development of the country.

Many of these NGO groups operate on funds sourced from abroad, yet fill up necessary gaps far and wide in terms of social, environment and economic, left by the government. Environment and Forestry are sectors that NGO groups are heavily involved with.

About 70 % of Papua New Guinea’s landmass is covered by forest. The country is also the second largest exporter of tropical timber after Malaysia.

But despite this, our people still receive the smallest share in large-scale logging operations. Our forests also remain a threat to illegal logging.

We also look at the humanitarian work carried about by NGOs as well as the PNG National Voluntary Service. This organization was created through an act of parliament on the 12th of April 1990 and since then volunteers have been recruited to serve communities in need.

The National Voluntary Service was established by the Late Bernard Narakobi a philosopher, writer, lawyer, parliamentarian, diplomat and leading citizen.

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