PM Responds To Namah’s ‘Dirty Politics’ Call

Prime Minister Peter O&rsquO’Neill says there is no truth in Opposition Leader Belden Namah’s allegations that Opposition members have deserted him because the government has not given them their funding.

He said the demise of the Opposition should be blamed on the Opposition Leader himself.


He also said that democracy is alive in PNG and the recent events do not affect democracy in any way.


Opposition Leader Belden Namah yesterday accused the government of playing dirty politics after members of opposition defected to government.


Prime Minister Peter O&rsquO’Neill today said there was no truth in Namah’s allegations of the government playing dirty politics and that opposition members have exited to government because they were not given their funds.


He said government funds due to each district in the country will continue to flow and the government has not played politics with these funds.


He added that Opposition members left because they could see changes they have never seen in the last forty years of independence.


He also said the K50 million Namah claimed to have used to fund the elections of those members should be investigated by concerned authorities regarding where the money came from and whether it was declared or not among others.


Prime Minister O&rsquO’Neill further said democracy in PNG was well and alive and the government still expects opposing views from the public, media and NGO’s without the existence of an opposition in parliament.

He called on Mr Namah to give credit where it’s due.

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