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Officer Alleged to Have Received Bribes Under Investigation

By Julie Badui Owa – EMTV News, Lae

The Lae City Council Health Division has laid a complaint to the Fraud Squad against an officer, who is alleged to have received bribes from a Lae-based company. The Division is now waiting for the Morobe Provincial Administration to issue a suspension notice to the officer.

After weeks of controversy related to breaches of health regulations by various businesses in Lae City, EMTV News has been told at least one officer within the City Council’s Health Division is set to face fraud charges. The officer has not been publicly named but we do know the Health Division has laid a complaint with the police fraud squad to investigate allegations of bribery.

Since the release of an investigation into the Lae City Council, various long-standing issues have been exposed. Public confidence has improved and more people are reporting problems to the City’s Health Division. The Lae City Council Health Division currently has 7 health inspectors. Their job is to ensure there is compliance with the city’s health regulations, something that has not been actively done for many years.

The Health division Director has not made an official statement, but it is understood the Division is waiting for the Provincial Administration to issue the suspension notice to the officer. The Division will meet on Thursday (May 31) this week to follow up on pending reports by the public concerning alleged illegal business operations in the city. The Lae City Council Health Division will issue closure notices to businesses that are operating without complying with the government’s requirements and regulations

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