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The State owes Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) millions of Kina for rental arrears. NSL confirmed in a statement that they received K60 million from the state in line with the agreement reached between the State and NSL last year, where the State had committed to settling its total rental arrears through monthly installments of K5 million for the previously accrued arrears and K5 million to pay its current rental invoices.

“The State’s total rental arrears owing to NSL is expected to be fully cleared with its account brought to current by June 2024, if the State continues to honor the promised payment of K10 million per month.”

“NSL remains committed to working closely with the State to ensure that their outstanding rental arrears are settled as agreed in the payment schedule.”

NSL appreciates that the State has given priority for its 220,000 Nambawan Super Members.

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