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Not All Counterfeit Products Are Bad, says A Lawyer

Not all counterfeit products and cheap Asian goods are bad forPNG says a lawyer.


SamuelInisi, a Lawyer withthe Public Solicitors Office says some cheap imported products provide alternatives for the simple citizens to choose from.

He says cheap products like footwear and clothing meetthe needs of low income earners and rural households.


There have been ongoing objections by manufacturers and distributors in PNG regarding counterfeit products makingtheir way into shop shelves and streets in PNG


Though many view counterfeit products as bad, Mr.Inisi argues that some ofthese products bridgethe gap betweenthe haves and have-nots inthe country.


“Not all counterfeit products are bad for the people. Yes. Those that pose health hazards can be regulated and banned. Bet for a simple Papua New Guinea to put food onthe table, he has to choose from a wide range and settle withthe cheaper that he can afford,” he said.

TheIndependent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) also admitted thatthere are significant numbers of counterfeit goods in shops, but not all are counterfeit. Some are genuine products produced overseas.


“These are called parallel imports andthey are not illegal. Ifthey are cheaper thantheir local counterparts,they exert competitive price pressure which serves to bring downthe prices of locally produced product; from a consumer Perspective that is good,” said ICCC Commissioner Dr. Belly Manoka.

Forthe consumers, alternate products at an affordable price are advantageous, both for the consumers as well asthe street sellers, given thatthey don’t pose as health hazards.

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