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Northern Candidates Raise Concerns about Counting Process

Candidates from the Northern Province have also aired concerns about how counting is being conducted.

They believe that there is possible rigging of votes in both the Northern Regional and Ijivitari Open seats.

Their concerns come as scrutineers report that they have been harassed and blocked from carrying out their responsibilities.

The concerned candidates recently gathered to open up about their worries to the media as they say authorities have completely ignored their concerns.

Incumbent Ijivitari MP, now running for the Northern Regional Seat, David Arore, said scrutineers have been suppressed in the counting venues and are not allowed to question any suspected irregularities.

Regional Candidate and former Oro Provincial Administrator, Owen Awaita, is concerned that in every count, the number of ballot papers for the Ijivitari Open Seat and its corresponding Regional box do not add up.

The candidates want the Electoral Commission to put in place an independent body to re-count the ballot papers and investigate the cause of the irregularities.

Scrutineers of candidates have also found broken seals near a polling station in one of the rural Wards.

They say serial numbers of inner and outer seals of ballot boxes are never read out and so scrutineers are unable to verify their information.

They say their scrutineers are not allowed near the counters and sorters and so are also unable to verify signatures of Presiding Officers on the ballot papers.

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