Northen Command Quiet

The Assistant Commissioner of police for Northern Region, Peter Guiness, said the current law and order situation in the command is quiet at this time.

The Northern Command covers Madang, Eastern Highlands, Lae Metro and the Provincial Police Command in Morobe.

Guiness said law and order issues need collective effort from the public and the Police, to help build safer communities.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Peter Guiness, said the police are not able to carry out investigations into the death of a high school teacher who was beheaded early last month by locals in Madang, and the killing of four people alleged to be shot by police.

Guiness said the law and order situation in Madang is quiet but still tense, which stopped the police from carrying out investigations.

Mr. Guiness has called on the local communities in Madang to cooperate with the police and quickly have the matter investigated.

Mr. Guiness said if it’s the peoples’ wish to have an independent police from outside of Madang to investigate the allegations, he can send police from Lae, Provincial Police Command in Morobe or Eastern Highlands to inspect the matter.

Meanwhile, three suspects who were involved in a robbery at an Asian shop on Karkar Island in Madang were arrested and charged by police this week

The suspects were identified as notorious criminals from Lae and are now in Police custody here in Lae.

And in Lae, three suspects involved in a robbery during Easter Monday were shot and killed by police during a shoot out.

Guiness has called on those involved in crimes not to attack police during an arrest but to surrender and have the law deal with them.

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