News Bytes for 6th June, 2014

“OFFICER IN COURT” Edwin Fidelis


A police officer appeared before the Lae district court today for the alleged shooting of two students last year. The case was adjourned, with a final court decision scheduled for next Wednesday. It is understood that the police officer opened fire whilst trying to disperse Lae Secondary and Bugandi students at Lae’s Eriku last year. Tobias Hombi, a grade eleven Bugandi student, died from the bullet wound to his neck while Dimas Dobi survived.



“MASS ARRESTS”Edwin Fidelis


Head of Lae police Iven Lakatani says the police are still awaiting reports from the Lae secondary school administration before charges will be laid against the students who stoned a bus two weeks ago.  Mr. Lakatani said 40 Bumayong students have already been arrested while none have come forward from Lae Secondary.
The fights between Lae secondary and Bumayong students two weeks ago caused damage to properties and commuters. Mr. Lakatani said the students will be arrested, charged and will appear in court.
The Lae community police unit has since issued a strong warning to arrest students involved in student violence in a desperate attempt to clamp down hard on the students.


“CLIMATE CHANGE” – Bethanie Harriman


A symposium was wrapped up yesterday in Goroka by an NGO that highlighted the impacts of climate change in the rural districts of Papua New Guinea.
NARI Specialist Dr. Akinapally Rama, who spoke at the Symposium, told stakeholders that food scarcity is an issue because staple foods aren’t growing like they used to. He says Crops like the humble Kaukau or sweet potato are not growing well due to increased rainfall in the Highlands region.




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