News Bytes for 23rd May, 2014

“LAE SCHOOL FIGHTS” – Sylvester Gawi


There’s anger in Lae tonight with members of the pubic calling for the immediate closure of Bumayong and Lae Secondary schools after fresh fighting by students before midday today. One person was admitted to hospital with stab wounds and several men, women and children suffered severe cuts and bruises after the bus they were travelling in was stoned by Lae Secondary School students. Police later arrested dozens of students.  Morobe Governor Kelly Naru has joined the public chorus threatening to impose tough action on school authorities if the students responsible aren’t penalized.




Meanwhile, Morobe Governor Kelly Naru has blamed the School boards and administration for failing to control their students. He says school management and their officials will be disciplined if they fail to expel students who caused the trouble today. Police Minister Robert Atiyafa, who arrived in Lae today, also expressed his anger towards today’s unprovoked attacks by rouge students.





A two week program on the prevention of student violence has been marred, following this morning’s attack on commuters. The police lead program that involved 17 primary and secondary schools, however, is being expanded to the Markham District. The Lae community police unit has since issued a strong warning to arrest students involved in student violence.



“EVICTION NO EFFECT” – Edwin Fidelis


While much of the focus has been on the recent eviction exercise, the Lae community police say it will not solve Lae’s crime problem. Settlers evicted last month have sought refuge in other areas around the city, further creating new clusters of illegal settlements in the city.



“PNG FREE TRADE” –  Jack Lapauve


APEC member countries are pushing for a Free Trade Market in the region to give developing countries a chance to level up with major economy players. A proposed feasibility study will be carried out to advance the regional integration and assess the cost and benefits of the free trade agreement. However, Minister Maru said the high cost of doing business in the country remains a barrier to investors.





Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Gilbert Toropo, has challenged his military to be proactive. Mr. Toropo said that military is in the business of winning wars and soldiers must step up their game. Commitment to military ethos and effective planning are cornerstones in achieving objectives of the PNGDF. PNGDF has conducted a weeklong workshop with the theme ‘Training the Force for the Future’, to empower its soldiers.



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