New Year’s Preparations

It’s New Year’s eve, andthe tension is high. The atmosphere is rife with excitement.

At Shopping Centres and supermarkets, full plastic bags and carts are being wheeled out tothe car parks in consistent form. And in communities inthe city, and all aroundthe country, it’s all about welcoming inthe New Year. With of course,the usual energy packed celebrations carrlied on from last week.


Onthe streets, tonight looks like a major bash…


And who would go withouttheir favourite pint to liven uptheir spirits! CPL’s Stop ‘N’ Shop liquor outlets openedtheir doors this morning, and bottles, cans and cartons poured out like running water. The white-can seems to bethe favourite this festive season, selling out in all Stop’N’Shop IGA stores, acrossthe city!


Nightclubs and hotels in NCD are adding tothe excitementowiththe Lamana hotel stagingtheir regular fireworks exhibition tonight. Andthey say, it’s going to be big!


The capital city will withness one ofthe most spectacular fireworks display yet fromthe venue. There will be a majestic umbrella of colours with a water fall falling offthe side ofthe one ofthe building inthe Lamana compound.


For mostoit’s a time of engagement and re-establishing relationships in reachingthe accomplishment of anther milestone. Bet it’s also a time of reflection and letting go. Tonight ends 2013, and tomorrow a new year begins.

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