New Homes Boost Policing in East New Britain

The Police Modernization Program is proving to be a boost to police morale inthe New GuineaIslands Region.


Underthe program, new duplex homes have been built atthe Tomaringa Barracks in East New Beitain, which housesthe Islands Mobile Group or NGI Special Services Division.

The Project has been a long anticipated, and IMG personal saythey are thankful for the development.


The construction of nine new duplex homes andthe renovations of thers have seen a revitalized interest in policing.


Provincial Police Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr saidthe police modernization program was improvingthe efficiency ofthe squad inthe region by providing new homes for personnel.


Overthe yearsthere have been negative publicity aboutthe appalling state of conditions policemen and women andtheir families live in.


This is a problem faced bythe constabulary all overthe country.


Acting Group Commander ofthe Islands Mobile GroupInspector Giame Cleopas said proper housing is something that every police barrack inthe country wishes for.


He saidthey were fortunate to havethe new homes, and thankedthe Government andthe Commissioner.


William Leves, Managing Director of Local Company G-Man construction, carrlied outthe development at a cost of K9.3 million.


Mr Leves said he was happy to assist in developingthe police force.


The police here say if more developments likethese are carrlied out aroundthe country,there will be a boost in morale to combat law & order problems.


Andthey have called onthe government to also look atthe state of ther barracks aroundthe county.

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