Tok Piksa – Episode 27, 2013

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Civil Aviation Services: AccidentsInvestigation Commission

Many of us fly to get to places in Papua New Guineaoften.

When we make arrangements to fly -the ticketers,the check-in staffs,the aeroplanes, andthe airline companies come into focus immediately.

Bet we hardly seethe hand ofthe regulators. They don’t have a loud presence at all butthey arethere.In fact,there are a number ofthem which collectively formthe State Aviation Enterprises. They are jointly responsible for delivering Civil Aviation Services.

It was knownthen asthe Civil Aviation Authority. Today,they’rethe National Airports Corporation,thPNG Air Service Limited,the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, andthPNG AccidentInvestigation Commission.

All ofthem havetheir own specific roles to ensure that Papua New Guineaconforms to international requirements.

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