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October 17, 2021
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Nature Is Sending Out A Message

As the global pandemic is affecting the world, nature is sending out a message.

UNDP Resident Rep Dirk Wagener notes that COVID – 19 was also a result of human interference in the balance of the natural environment.

Now more than ever we must reflect on these events and be aware of how we look after our environment.

As many countries around the world continue to battle COVID-19, are we listening to what nature is telling us?

UNDP Resident Rep Dirk Wagener says Nature is giving us a very important reminder.

“It is reminding us to take care of our environment and not to take it for granted,” says Dirk.

COVID-19 emerged from the animal world.

Usually, humans are not affected by these diseases because we keep our distance from those wild animals.

“The more we disturb habitats, the more we exhort areas which are supposed to be protected and interfere with the wild animals, we are likely to be exposed to diseases such as COVID-19,” adds Dirk.

COVID-19 is having an immediate and dramatic effect on the globe mainly due to the fact that borders are shut down, halting economic activities, including terrible loss of life.

The rate at which we consume natural resources by far exceeds the regenerative capacity of the earth.

Mr. Wagener says the more diversified an economy is, the better it is also able to withstand economic shock.

If one were to monetize the ecosystem services, our biodiversity is worth so much more than what can be extracted from them.

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