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Local Businessman Supports People with Food and Water

With the recent lockdown affecting people, especially in the settlements of the Nation’s Capital, a local businessman has stepped in to support them, with food and water.

Owner of ID 24 retail business Derrick Mara donated rice bags and officiated at the opening of a small water project at the Bodiem Settlement over the weekend.

This he says is part of his social responsibility by giving back to his customers.

Over 125 bags of rice were donated to the people of Bodiem Settlement, an initiative to give back to the community.

ID24 retail shop owner Derrick Mara says, he has been donating bags of rice to the people since the start of the state of emergency.

According to Mara, his idea to help the needy started when his neighbors ran out of food during the lockdown period and asked for his help.

He says, he has donated over 20, 000 bags of rice to most settlements during the state of emergency period.

Apart from donating rice to the people, a small water project was also opened for the people.

Mara said access to clean drinking water especially in settlements has been a challenge over the years and people had to pay to access clean drinking water.

He called on the government to partner with him, to support the people.

The people of Bodiem settlement earn their daily living from the sale of goods but this was affected by the state of emergency, and it will take time for them to recover.

Local SME’s also suffered, and workers were also laid off from work.

They say they have not received support from their leaders, and they are thankful for this help.

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