NAQIA: Alu New Managing Director

After eight months of court battles, the new Managing Director for the National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority, Joel Alu, has vowed to investigate the Authority.


Mr. Alu said top priority is to investigate allegations of gross abuse in NAQIA, and update outdated government policies on food security.

Mr. Alu was appointed by the National Executive Council on 17th December 2013, but couldn’t resume office as he was served a restraining order, by the former Managing Director, Andrew Yamanea.


The case was dismissed by Justice Ambeng Kandakasi, on Wednesday this week.


Mr. Alu was happy with the outcome of the court’s decision, as he will now concentrate on carrying out his duties as the new Managing Director of National Agriculture Quarantine & Inspection Authority.


Prior to his appointment as the new Managing Director, Joel Alu, a lawyer by profession, was the Principal Legal Officer with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock for 11 years.


Mr. Alu said he will investigate what he described as gross abuse of funds in the National Quarantine and Inspection Authority. Also top on the agenda is to review the NAQIA Act and ensure the implementation of the Biosecurity Act.


Mr. Alu was appointed by the National Executive Council, following the termination of former Managing Director Andrew Yamanea last year.


However, Mr. Alu couldn’t take office as he was served a restraining order by Mr Yamanea. A further restraining order was taken out by Mr. Yamanea, to prevent a possible hand–over take–over ceremony.


However, on Wednesday 19th of March, the National Court dismissed the case, and fully recognized Mr. Alu, as the newly appointed Managing Director for NAQIA. His lawyers have issued the court orders to Mr. Yamanea.

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