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Morobe NHC Eviction: Families Obtain Stay Order

By Lucy Kopana – EMTV News, Lae

The families who were evicted from their homes on Tuesday at Eriku in Lae, moved back into the property after obtaining a stay order from the National Court in Lae.

Levi Kurakipa and Amos Tarali are the tenants renting the National Housing Corporation (NHC) duplex. They have been living there, for over twenty years.  Both men are public servants and have been serving in Morobe for over thirty years.

On Tuesday afternoon, their families were forced out from their homes by men armed with knives and axes, whilst both men were at work.

Their belongings were brought out, and all the trees in the yard were cut down. Mr. Kurapkipa expressed anger at how their wives and children were treated.

“Last night (Tuesday night), ol wokim na mipla silip outside inap rain i kam daun na mipla waswas insait lo rain. Na dispela em inhumane treatment”.

Lucas Waip claims to be the buyer of the property. He said he bought the property for five hundred thousand kina from the NHC.

As the long-term sitting tenants, Mr. Kurakipa and Mr. Tarali are calling for an investigation into the NHC operations regarding the sale of NHC properties in Lae.

“Ol relevant authorities long national housing corporation, polis depatmen mas checkim, NHC mas checkim… ol mas wokim full investigation go insait whether ol i bihainim legal requirement or nogat” Mr. Kurakipa said.

They said, they were only given a letter from the NHC, signed by the Provincial NHC Manager, Mathew Limu, requesting that they vacate the property because it had been sold.


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