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Two Families Evicted from Home in Lae

By Lucy Kopana – EMTV News, Lae


Two families were evicted from their homes yesterday (03 November, 2018) afternoon, in favor of a man who bought the property from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) in Lae.

Men armed with bush knives went into the yard, and threatened the women and children, and started taking out all their belongings.

“Ol karim ol weapons, bush naip, tamiok just tretenim mipla, na ol yet ol movim olgeta samting.” said Grace Kurakipa, the wife of one of the tenants.

“Mi sindaun lo dua stap na ol kam pulim mi na narapla kalap lo sait lo iron lo verandah na kalapim mi na go na go kikim dua”.

The property is an NHC property at Eriku. The two families that live in the units, are families of two public servants who have lived there for over twenty years.

Mrs. Kurakipa said the eviction was unexpected because the matter is before the court.

Lucas Waip is the buyer of the property, who said he bought the place four years ago for K500,000, from the NHC.

Waip said because the court case was taking too long and paying for lawyers was costly, he requested his money back from the NHC but was told they would NHC would take action.

“Nau em National Housing Commission yet ol i evictim ol na ol larim ol lain blo mi kam lukautim ples blo mi na stap”. Waip said.

Our EMTV Lae Bureau contacted the NHC’s Regional Manager for Momase, Andrew Augwi. He confirmed that the property was sold by the previous management.

Evictions from NHC properties in Lae have been ongoing. In December last year, two nurses, Bafiguo Don and Zuabe Tinning were evicted from their homes. They managed to get stay orders, to move back into their houses.

Another family at Eriku, the Tigia’s were evicted from their home of more than 30 years after it was sold by the NHC without their knowledge. The family is still waiting for the title to the property, as the rightful owners.

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