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By Rocky Issou

The Mona Highway is a stretch of 96Km road from Aropokina Junction in the Kuni LLG to Tapini station in the Goilala district. This vital road link connects the Kairuku District to the Goilala district and is the most reliable link to the Hiritano Highway that links to Port Moresby, but years of neglect and weather conditions has left parts of the Mona highway eroded and in disrepair with vital links like bridges washed away.

One such bridge is the Daroa Bridge located in the Kuni LLG which was washed away in 2018, for the past five years vehicles have maneuvered to make a wet crossing to get to the other side which has prompted the Central Provincial Government to act.

On Friday June 16, 2023 a large delegation from the Central Provincial Government including Governor for Central Province Rufina Peter, Deputy Governor for Central and William Wavi, Kairuku MP Peter Isoaimo, Goilala MP Casmiro Aia, Central Provincial Administrator Francis Koaba and representatives of the Central Province Executive Council descended upon Kuni LLG to officially launch the Mona Highway rehabilitation and maintenance of roads and the rebuilding of the bridges.

Local MP for Kairuku District Peter Namea Isoaimo revealed that he had asked the former Goilala MP, the late William Samb who was then Transport Minister to work with him to ensure maintenance work is carried out on the Mona Highway.

“Unfortunately he (William Samb) got transferred to another Ministry and then he passed on so I was unable to get that bridge fixed for us.” said Isoaimo.

In highlighting the initial work that will take place in Kuni LLG, Governor for Central Rufina Peter gave the run down.

“We will have a causeway which will run through, I think there will be two layers of Gavin baskets temporary so at least vehicles are going and coming on something high then going through the water, while we have a look at the main bridge (Daroa Bridge) being done in due course. At the same time the second thing is the minor maintenance of the Mona Highway starting here and going all the way to Tapini.” Governor Peter stated.

In light of this, Governor Peter said road works will be done in intervals of 10Km stretches until Tapini station is reached as minor grading works continue to maintain the roads and the PNG Defence Force Engineering will carry out the scope of works before a contractor will be selected to build the new Daroa Bridge.

In her address to the people of Kuni LLG, Governor Peter urged the local people to forget the free hand out mentality and make use of the Government services that will come into the area, such as the Connect PNG road program which will see the road link from Wau-Waria to the Goilala District.

“So please I ask the local board members to start with your agriculture products, so what do you have? You have Coffee trees, cocoa trees, how many farmers are organized in cooperatives? Give me the data, get organized, the provincial administration are there, they have agriculture officers, they will come out to help you, train you to make this happen.” said Governor Peter.

Following the speeches the official ribbon cutting was conducted to signify work to begin at the Daroa bridge site which was a good news for motorists and travelers that use the Mona Highway.

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