Member for Kerowagi queries status of Livestock Development Corporation

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Member for Kerowagi, Camillus Dangma, asked about the status of the Livestock Development Corporation.

He claims there is no relevant government body to manage the assistance secured from the Innovation Fund for Agricultural Transformation (IFAT).

Dangma asked the Minister responsible, Tommy Tomscoll, to explain the function of the Livestock Development Corporation in this regard.

The Member for Kerowagi was upset about using his district’s money in vain to secure funding from the Innovation Funds for Agricultural Transformation (IFAT).

He said an abattoir is sitting idle in Kerowagi while the funds from IFAT are being used by the Fresh Produce Development Authority. He demanded an explanation as to the role of the Livestock Development Corporation.

Minister for Agriculture & Livestock, Tommy Tomscoll, explained that the Livestock Development Corporation is a company owned by the State, but for years, its operations have not been funded by the National Budget.

Mr. Tomscoll also explained that the K30 million funding from IFAT is a result of consultation with government agencies including Treasury, Planning and DAL.

It was a combined decision that the money be used by the Fresh Produce Development Authority.


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