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Malaoro Market Vendors Need Proper Market Facility

By Staycey Yalo, EMTV News, Port Moresby

For villagers along the Hiritano Highway, early morning trips to the market cost about K90-K100 daily.

Fresh food crops are neatly packed the night before, and are brought to the main markets of Port Moresby such as Malaoro.

Victor Aoka Jnr is a coconut distributor who travels all the way from Inawabu village in Mekeo, in the Central Province. Each day he brings about 15 to 20 bags to sell for K80 or K90, depending on the demand.

However he says the demand for coconuts has dropped and he, like others, have to settle for what the buyers have to offer them and most times they end up not making the anticipated amount.

Reselling these coconuts and other fresh crops is also an issue for market vendors at Malaoro Market.

A once organised market has now been spread to the roads, footpaths and residential car parks.

These vendors are usually mothers and even though they are satisfied in marketing at Malaoro, they say they need a proper market because they can’t find any space to sell their wares at any other market.

There is neither a toilet facility, nor a proper rubbish disposal area.

While NCDC has engaged rubbish truck to remove the rubbish, most days the market waste is seen piling up just beside the main road at Malaoro.

The mothers are adamant for a proper market because the betelnut sellers they say have also caused problems for them.

Supervisor of Manu bus stop Wardens, Steven Kevin, says betelnut and cigarette sellers also need their own market.

In the meantime, Kevin and vendors of each market are thinking of forming an association to clamp down on petty crimes and violence, and drug abusers who intimidate customers and the general public.

NCDC is yet to make a statement on the situation of city markets.

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