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Madang Marred By Petty Criminals

By Sylvester Gawi – EM TV, Madang

Madang residents are now calling on authorities to address the town’s petty crime problem. Locals have also expressed concerns, about the increase in illegal settlements, saying it contributes to the town’s law and order problem.

Madang’s petty crime problems have escalated in the last three years and have stirred fear among residents and the businesses community.

Residents are frustrated that crimes as such, are happening everyday in the heart of the Madang town. Reports of bag snatching, pick-pocketing and public assaults are all too common at bus stops and the main shopping area.

Police have also blamed the petty crime problems on the production and consumption of homebrew and illicit drugs.

The expansion of illegal settlements has also been a problem for provincial authorities to contain Madang’s law and order problems.

Like Lae city, petty crimes have been prevalent in places where there is little or no police presence. Many other related incidents were also reported here in Madang.

In October, a private boat, owned by an Australian Media tycoon, was robbed by criminals at the Krangket Island.

This incident created headlines around the world, for all the wrong reasons for the popular tourist destination.

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