Lupari rebuts Opposition’s concerns: DSIP Funds do not belong to politicians but to District Authorities

By Gaile Kivali – DWU Journalism Student

Opposition Leader, Don Polye is concerned about the alleged diversion of District Provincial Services Improvement Program (DSIP) and Provincial Services Improvement Program (PSIP) funds to cover public civil servants salaries.

He also says he has proof for these allegations.

He says the Government has no right to divert funds, describing it as breach of the Finance Management Act.

Every year funding is allocated, K10 million for DSIP and K5 million for PSIP.

The Opposition Leader also expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which funding was given to his members.

Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil says opposition members received only part of the amount for their provinces which was unfair as government MPs received their full K10 million.

However, upon EMTV’s request for further comments, Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari says the DSIP are subject to cash flow and all districts have been paid in the past four years regardless of whether their local members were in the government or opposition.

Mr Lupari says DSIP funds do not belong to politicians, they belong to District Authorities.

He challenges leaders in the Opposition to commit to the oath they took for the country and be honest with facts.

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