Gun Shipments Queried by Opposition: With the Elections around the corner, this poses great risk

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By Sawato Hahambu – DWU Journalism Student

Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil is concerned about what will happen to a shipping container full of over 200 factory-made firearms, currently being held at the PNG Defense Force Barracks at Igam, in Lae.

These firearms were brought into the country for the police by a private security firm earlier this year but were not declared.

“With the elections just around the corner, this poses great security risk,” he said.

Basil fears, these firearms must not be moved out of Igam Barracks, because there’s possibility of them ending up in the Highlands region.

“It might end up in the hands of political cronies, for election management,”Mr. Basil said.

Mr Basil is calling for the firearms to be quarantined, until after the National Elections. He has called for PNG Customs to lock up these firearm, until the election is completed.


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