Lihir Destiny Book Captures Lihirian History

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Lihir Destiny author James Sinclair, in acknowledgement of the book, said that it was largely based on interviews conducted in various places with leading figures in the Lihir destiny story.

Mr Sinclair said that the book has a brief account of history from what we know today as the Lihir Destiny from the Lihir dream of the 1960’s.


Mr Sinclair stated that The Lihir Destiny is a doctrine put together by a small group of educated idealistic young Lihirians who were determined to see their people receive their rightful share of the outpouring of wealth that would accompany the operation of a huge gold mine on their land.


Mr Sinclair further stated that the book is supported with a selection of magnificent photographs in which all aspects of life on Lihir, from village life to development of successful enterprises, are captured.


Mr Soipang said that the dream traces back before the Lihir gold mine came into existence. The history of how the people of Lihir lived before the mine began to reflect their dream, which is documented in the book.


The dream, he said, became modernized when the mine began operations on the island by having the people use the cash they received from the compensation payMen’s they had, so that the people could make a sustainable living after the mine ceased operations.

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