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September 27, 2020

Kirapim Hauslain Policy: EHP’s Bottom Up Approach

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The Eastern Highlands Province is seeing a change in it's economy that is being largely fueled by the tourism industry.

But over the years it never got the recognition it deserves until recently.


On Tuesday the province, under it’s district and local level government plan, launched it’s new policy. It is a bottom up approach that aims at involving ordinary people at the village level to participate meaningfully in the growing economy of the province.


“When we are talking about taking the government down to the people and the people taking ownership of the Government services that are coming down there, it will be through the ‘Bottom Up Approach Kirapim Hauslain Policy’.


Kirapim Hauslain is one of the policies endorsed by the Eastern Highlands Provincial Assembly and Provincial Executive Council through it’s budgetary process, to work with communities through the Local Level GovernMen’s and Ward Councils.


“Before we can come up with our provincial 5 year integrated development plan, we’d like to include the LLG Ward members to hear the people’s priorities and what development projects they want.”


The Eastern Highlands Province is also paying serious attention to it’s law and’Order issues in the province. The Kainantu District known as the main supplier of marijuana is slowly seeing positive changes. The district that played host to the launching has seen a significant drop in the marijuana trafficking and age old tribal conflicts.


Over the years millions of kina pumped into the district has never benefitted the people. Eastern highlands wants to see changes in these old ways of doing things the Governor says. And in’Order to see changes happen, ordinary people need to become active participants in their own growing economy.


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