Lakatani On Unitech Boycott

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent , Iven Lakatani, said in Lae earlier this week, police won’t interfere with Unitech’s boycott, until they are given the OK by the University’s administration.

The Unitech SRC President also said, early this week, he has received threats from various Universities officials, calling on him to put an end to the boycott. But as of today, the students have maintained a peaceful boycott.


Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent Iven Lakatani said earlier this week, Lae police are fully aware about happenings at Unitech, but they won’t interfere until the school’s administration allows them to.


But that won’t be possible as the administration office remained shut, and the staffs locked out since Tuesday last week.


Meanwhile, the boycott has remained peaceful, and students have prevented any hint of trouble from happening for the past three weeks.


The boycott has now dragged into its third week, and there is still no breakthrough. On Tuesday, student leaders called up a forum and reaffirmed their stand.


The administration office remained closed after student’s forced its closure last week Tuesday. For the past two weeks, the Unitech issue had entangled itself in what appears to be a vicious circle. 


First, the student body has called on the return of Dr. Albert Shcram. Until recently, the focus is leveled against the Sevua report, which states the NEC’s recommendations on Dr. Shcram’s validity as Unitech’s Vice-Chancellor.


On the other hand, the Education team led by Higher Education Minister, has called on the students to resume class, or the University will be closed.


A team of officials from the Office of Higher Education will talk to the student leaders in Lae tomorrow, and the Higher Education Minister is expected to be part of this team. But it is still not clear if tomorrow’s meeting will resolve the Unitech Issue.

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