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Lae Police Set Up Emergency Line for Urban, Rural Areas

Policing will now be more accessible to the public in both rural and urban areas of Morobe with the Lae Police Emergency Line.

Mobile phone users have begun receiving messages today, alerting them on the Lae Police Emergency number.

The emergency line has been effective since being introduced in June.

The awareness of the toll free emergency number continues as mobile phone users received messages alerting them on lae police emergency line.

The number will now be accessible by all mobile phone users in both the urban and rural areas of Morobe.

Wagambie said the emergency line has been effective since being introduced in June this year.

Mobile callers who decide to misuse the number will be identified and have their mobile numbers cancelled.

The Lae Police Communication Department is organized with full time staff to attend to emergency calls from the public.

The Toll Free Emergency Number 70903300, is free to use by the public.

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