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Shadow Attorney-General and Minister responsible for Justice, Commerce and Industry and Administrative Services, Keith Iduhu, has appealed to his fellow members of parliament in government to put the livelihood of the country and the people of Papua New Guinea first over the interests of one man.

With the backdrop of so many issues plaguing the nation, Mr Iduhu emphasized in a press statement that it is time the elected representatives of the country make a decisive decision on behalf of their constituents who have become spectators and not participants.

He has appealed to all government members of parliament to join the Opposition and make a move for the greater good of this nation.

Mr. Iduhu stressed that no Prime Minister should use funding to electorates to trap elected representatives, emphasizing that this is not the system of government that we adopted at Independence.

He said there is a need to put a stop to our demise from within. Stating as members, they need to see what is happening around their country and take action on the floor of parliament. Otherwise, scenes like what we witnessed on 10th January will become commonplace in our country.

Heavily empathizing, Mr. Iduhu made a call out to members of parliament to do the right thing by considering ordinary individuals in their villages that go to hospitals only to be turned away constantly because of lack of medical supplies.

He stressed that coming session of parliament is their opportunity to demonstrate that they have come to parliament to represent the interest of their electorate and not their own personal glory.

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