Hela Reunion

The people of Hela residing in Port Moresby recently held a grand reunion to affirm a long – held traditional belief that they all came from one tribe.

Traditional Chiefs from Hela were flown into Port Moresby to witness the historical event.

The grand reunion was endorsed by former Treasury Minister Don Polye.

It was history in the making as the historical Hela Reunion unfolded in the nation’s capital. It fulfilled the legendary and traditional belief that the four brothers of Hela and a sister originated from the same God of Israel.

The brothers were Hela Opener, now Enga, Hela Huli, Hela Duna, Hela Tuguba, now resource – rich, Hela province and only Sister Wane Hewa, now Kutubu.

The occasion also saw the declaration of the 15th Member of the Hela Council of Churches which includes the Life in the Church Ministries.

Deputy Chairman of Hela Christian Churches and the Bishop of United Church Bishop Wai Tege welcomed the new member and hopes they will continue to serve God and the country in their ministry.

Former Minister for Treasury and Kandep MP Don Polye representing the people of Hela Opener of Enga, endorsed the grand reunion.

For the people of Hela people, the occasion also signifies the end times and perhaps a time to change lives for the better.

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