Hela Farmers Want to Sell Produce at LNG Project

A group of farmers in a small Village in Komo-Magarima in Hela Province saythey want a market atthe LNG site for their vegetables.


Located inthe Komo-Margarima district ofthe Hela Province, Kambolo Village is home to about two thousand farmers.

About two months ago,the Fresh Produce Development Agency, a government body tasked to create opportunities for subsistent farmers began training farmers.


“This initiative bythe FPDA is to supportthe local communities around Magarima to grow fresh produce for the LNG Market,” said Special Projects Manager, Noel Kuman.

The farmers come from Komo-Magarima, Tari-pori and Lake Kopiago. They’ve learned how to grow new vegetable varieties. 


Because ofthe ever-increasing demand, farmers have also been taught how to grow cabbages.


Development has come intothe Hela Province and people have woken up tothe multi-billion kina LNG project happening intheir backyards, but not everyone is benefiting.


“We were left inthe dark because we knew how to growthe vegetables but we didn’trsquo;t have a market,” said Kambolo Village Farmer, Michael Mulunga.

For nowthe produce are sold atthe Tari Market about 15 kilometres away.


Hopefully inthe near futher cabbages will be bought and suppllied tothe LNG site and sold at stores in Port Moresby to create income streams for the people.

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