Twinning AgreementPNG and Queensland Parliaments Sign MOU

Papua New GuineaNational Parliament andthe Parliament of Queensland signed a Memorandum of Understanding, withthe aim of enhancingtheir roles.


The Parliamentary Partnership Agreement aims to promote collaboration, cooperation and understanding betweenthe two parliaments for mutual benefit.

The agreement was signed this Wednesday bythe Speaker for National ParliamentoTheo Zurenuoc and Speaker for the Queensland ParliamentoFiona Simpson.


The event is a milestone set inthe history oPNG’s Parliamentowhere for the first time; a partnership agreement has been signed with anther parliament to share ideas and training to effectively representthe people.


According tPNG’s Parliamentary Speaker Theo Zurenuoc,the twinning arrangement ofthe two parliaments will see effective parliamentary participation bythe Members, and will fulfilthe National Government’s vision to restore reform and modernisethe Parliament.


“The whole idea is to ensure that we participate effectively and ensuring that democracy do thrive in Papua New Guinea” said Zurenuoc.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s Speaker of Parliament Fiona Simpson, said Queensland beingthe closest Australian State tPNG, and with a long history of friendhip betweenthe two countries, it was a proper thatthe agreement was penned for mutual benefit ofthe two Parliaments.


“It helpsthe whole parliament operate well. It liftsthe level of debate and good decision making around legislation, but also it helps equip our members of parliament with better information. So thatthey go in an informed way and fight for better outcomes for their people,” said Simpson.

Underthe terms ofthe agreement;the two parliaments will work toward developing friendy relations through exchange of information on matters of common interestoregular exchange and dialogue regarding training needs of parliamentarians and parliamentary staff, exchange of visits betweenthe two parliaments, and meeting of representatives as when necessary.


The agreement paves way for fair, effective and well informed representation ofthe people and upholding of democracy in parliamentary processes.

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