Health Minister wants facts before taking action

Health Minister Michael Malabag was asked to investigate and sackthe executive board ofthe Goroka Hospital.

Goroka MP Bere Kimisopa said lives are lost due to lack of infrastructure and medical services.

He said patients have been referred tothe Kainantu and Mount Hagen hospitals for medical services.

 “Patients from Kundiawa come to Goroka; we don’t go to Kundiawa. We have been doing that for the last two years.

“How soon can you come to Goroka, and how soon can you sackthe management?” Kimisopa asked Minister Malabag.

Mr. Malabagsaidthe matter will be urgently addressed.

“We will be coming up but he wants factual information to get intothe roots ofthe problem, said Minister Malabag.

– Bernadette Efi

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