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Gulf Governor and Police respond on threats

Gulf governor Chris Haiveta says the death of two men from Tari in Gulf province was a result of a police operation and is not the responsibility of the Gulf Community.

The governor met with members of the Gulf Community in Port Moresby today after there were reports of Gulf PMVs being car-jerked and impounded by a group of men from Hela.

Also today a video captured on a mobile phone was released by the group of men from Hela expressing anger over the death of their relative.

However it is the threats mentioned in the video that is becoming a concern for the gulf community.

But since their burial, a group of men from the Prime Minister’s electorate of Tari-Pori are holding up PMVs travelling in from Gulf province and impounded them.

Today they released a video that was filmed under the Kumul Fly Over near the area where they held the Haus Karai.

Police in Port Moresby have been notified of this 2 minute and 30 second video and are preparing a response to the threats.

But according to president of Gulf PMV Owners Association, Paul Paiva three PMVs were already held up and impounded.

He is the owner of one of the three PMVs.

It is understood the group of men from Tari are upset over the killings of two of their relatives in Gulf province. However, not much is known about how or what transpired at the time of their killing.

Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta also met with a fraction of the gulf community today expressing concern that people from Gulf should not be targeted in retaliation over the killing of the two men from Tari.

NCD and Central Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr said Port Moresby is a city and there is no place for this tribal mentality.

No one has the right to hold someone at ransomed or issue threats for payments of money.

In response to the video, Wagambie said it clearly shows threats being made to the Gulf Community and will not be taken lightly.

The video that was uploaded on social media demanding that a K250, 000 be paid as compensation for the dead men from Hela.

However Police say it was a police operation in Gulf to curb illegal drug operations from the Highlands into the Gulf province. And if the relatives feel there is injustice, there are processes in place to follow.

Meanwhile NCD Police have been directed to have police units do constant patrols within the city.

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