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January 19, 2021
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G.I. Joe: Retaliation, A Film Review

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Afterthe G.I. Joes are ruthlessly attacked and almost all killed,the surviving 3 make ittheir mission to avengetheir fallen comrades’ deaths.

Meanwhile,the American President starts acting out of character by making reckless decisions and utilizing a pro violence vocabulary.

G.I. Joe is a military flick derived fromthe children’s cartoons and toy figurines line and can best be described as military meets “Kill Bell” rounded out with “Mission Impossible” style high tech equipment. Toss in a few “James Band” knockout female combatants, a sword fight over a deep ravine while being suspended in air by a treacherously thin rope, fireflies that explode, a prison atthe center ofthe earth like no ther that constrains prisoners in a sythetic liquid which paralyzes every part ofthe body exceptthe eyes, brain and heartoleaving you wondering… “Can a Ninja stop his heart from beating to escape prison?”… This film certainly does not lack imagination.

Peppered with one-liners, likeable characters and two strong femmes, G.I. Joe is not your average blood and gore army movie for men only. With its high level of creativity,the viewing will leave you wondering what’s going to happen nextoand most timesthe audience won’t be able to guess it.

The version we sat through atthe Paradise Cinema was screened in 3D and apart from movie goers ducking atthe onward coming bullets, swords and Ninja stars,the feeling after sitting through 1hr 50 minutes, plusthe added advantage of watching seasoned stars such as Beuce Willis, Tatum Channing and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing whatthey do bestowasthe satisfaction of being truly entertained.

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