Free Education Policy: Schools Infrastructure

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Education Minister, Nick Kuman said by 2015 onwards every school will be funded with a double classroom and two teacher’s houses.

He announced this at Lopara Primary School during the launch of the tuition fee free policy.

He said school infrastructure is a major concern for all schools and that the Government will make it happen.

Minister Kuman said by 2015 every school must have a permanent double classroom and two teacher’s houses.

He said the challenge is now on the Government to fund school infrastructure.

He said the country’s GDP is growing and the policy on subsidised school fee from elementary to grade twelve must not be changed by any successive government in future.

Last Friday, he gave Five Hundred thousand Kina to Iopara Primary school in Abau District, to build a double classroom and two teachers houses as part of the government’s new plan to build school infrastructures in all schools.

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